As our scope and audience grew, as well as our sophistication for organising live events, we became increasingly aware of the potential for our network to engage in political advocacy. The internet, and the rising consciousness of democratic capitalism as both the ideological victor of the post-Cold War era, and as the wreaker of terrible global disparities, were the larger forces driving a wave of independent media. Naomi Klein and Michael Moore were both breaking into the mainstream, and George Bush Jnr. was the inspiration for a worldwide trade in anti-neocon content and paraphenalia. We played a central role in organising the anti-Bush demonstration Paris in 2002, and brought advocacy into our core activities with the Pssst...America tour. Simultaneously the magazine continued to provide a key platform for advocacy, with regular political content, including a contribution from Noam Chomsky), and our own Robin Hood Project.


Bush Demonstration Paris
On May 26 2002 George Bush paid a presidential visit to Paris ...

An innocent leaflet

A global theatre movement on 03/03/03

A short film made for Artistes Contre la Guerre en Iraq


Robin Hood Project
a sting operation into product placement and its influence on mainstream media

Noam Chomsky
as an ardent supporter of independent media, Noam Chomsky wrote a short piece for us about the Axis of Evil

September 26 2001
a gripping first hand account of the violent protests surrounding the IMF summit in Prague 2001