Bunny Hop vs Wheeled Migration

As readers of this space know, Quinn Comendant is now involved with a tremendous bicycle collective in California called Wheeled Migration which encourages sustainable transport, organic gardening, and communal meals. You can learn more about this fabulous enterprise here: http://www.wheeledmigration.com

And recently it came to our attention that old KMZ friend Jennifer Friar has a bike-mad partner named Luke who runs the outrageous Bunny Hop bike shop in Richmond, Virginia. See more here: http://bunnyhoprva.wordpress.com/

Wheeled Migration:


Bunny Hop:


And yes, to the casual observer, the juxtaposition between the East Coast shredders and the West Coast hippies is somewhat amusing. If I wanted to take my children on a lovely bike ride through the forest? I'd go with Wheeled Migration. If there was a fight? I'd pick the bike team that has the guy with the tattooed hands.

Cyclists. You gotta love 'em. All of 'em.

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