A Rough Chronology of Kilometer Zero Night-Shows

Hauled from the darkness - this is a reconstruction effort at when and where some night-shows took place ...

May–June 2001
The Venue, First Season
Bistro des Artistes, Paris

Jun 01
Kilometer Zero 00, Paris Launch
Shakespeare & Company bookstore, Paris

Nov–Dec 2001
The Venue, Second Season
Caveau de Bolée, Paris

02 Dec 01
Kilometer Zero 01, Paris Launch
Caveau de Bolée, Paris

23 Dec 01
Kilometer Zero London Show
The Shipwright’s Palace, London

03 Feb 02
Free Market Show
Cabaret Sauvage, Paris

21 Mar 02
Show at Théâtre 347
347, Paris

31 Mar 02
Free Market Show
Jean Pierre Timbaud, Paris

June–July 2002
The Venue, Third Season
Espace Créateur, Paris

30 Jun 02
Kilometer Zero 03, Paris Launch
Espace Créateur, Paris

24 Sep 02
Kilometer Zero 03, Prague Launch
Shakespeare a Synové, Prague

15 Dec 02
Galapagos Art Space, New York

17 May 03
Kilometer Zero in Double Dutch
Kloveniersburgwal 86, Amsterdam

01 Feb 04
First Happening: Year of the Monkey
Place de l’Opéra, Paris

07 Mar 04
Second Happening: Macondo Colombia
Place de l’Opéra, Paris

04 Apr 04
Third Happening: Parallel Worlds
passage de Choiseul, Paris

15 Dec 04
Kilometer Zero 05, Paris Launch
Somewhere in the south of Paris

15 Feb 05
Kilometer Zero 05, Marseille Launch
Daki Ling, Marseille